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The purchaser is entitled to use this material in accordance with the usual terms and conditions associated with the commercial purchase of sheet music.  All public performances of this material should be correctly registered with the necessary PRO, which, in the UK is the Performing Rights Society in accordance with their guidelines.

Other than that, no part of this publication may lawfully be reproduced or modified in any form or by any means – photocopying, typescript, recording (including video-recording), manuscript, electronic, mechanical, or otherwise – or be transmitted or stored in a retrieval system without prior permission and/or the purchase of the correct licenses.

This document is encrypted in such a way that it remains permanently attached to and retraceable to the original purchaser. This encryption is activated upon the first download of the electronic files.

Your download link will expire after 72 hours, so please download as soon as you receive the email. 

 If any updates to these Terms & Conditions are issued, you will be notified by email.




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